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Simple Survival, A Family Outdoors Guide

This guide is filled with survival information for fisherman, hunter, hikers, or others who enjoy the great outdoors. But, I have added a few chapters for the whole FAMILY as well

Some portions of the book are geared toward how to introduce a child to camping, hiking or other outdoors related activities as well as how to survival (general, ice and snow) if your car breaks down on a lonely road. I also discuss the psychological affects of survival on both you and a child (if a child is surviving with you.)

There are over 250 pages in the book and is will go for $10.99 retail.

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If you hunt, fish, hike, drive on back roads, or just was to know how to survive a terrorist attack, you might want to take a look at my survival site, or contact my publisher at and order this book.

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Children and Survival

I have added chapters to the book on such things as, what to do if your child gets lost in the woods, how to take a child camping for the first time, how to survive if your car breaks down in a snow storm if you have children with you, how to have fun while camping with children, how to teach children to be responsible as campers and hikers, as well as how to face the psychological aspects of serious survival situations with a child along. And, much more for the parent or grandparent.

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Hot Survival News!

Our new Family Survival Book is to be released very soon by Emerald Ink.

[ 24.04.2005 ]
Simple Survival is for individuals and families who wish to improve or learn emergency survival skills. We DO NOT support radical survivalist movements in any way. This site is established for emergency survival situations that may be encountered by families, hunters, hikers, fishermen, or others who enjoy nature.

[ 29.04.2005 ]
WARNING this is a professional Survival Site that gives instructions on the capture and killing of wild game for survival purposes. Additionally, it may at times have graphic first aid photos to accompany articles. If you are offended by this type of information, DO NOT enter the site.

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